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Hint: Don't trust the GPS to link fastest route with safest route! Our return from Cheddar Gorge and Wells today was quite thrilling when we went the usual leftrightrightleftleft right into a lane that was barely as wide as the car. The trick was that it was a muddy lane, following rain, so we thought stopping would have equated to bogged, yet forward meant trusting no one would appear toward us around one of the endless bends where the hedges limited our view to the end of our eyelashes or so it seemed! Needless to say when we safely emerged from the hedged cocoon, we paused and reset the GPS to take us the easiest way home. Following that we had lanes and views beyond the windows.
Whilst in Cheddar Gorge, however the ground rose in the form of the gorge and seemed to reach the sky. We felt very little and insignificant at the base of the gorge. It was an overpowering feeling.
The cream tea we enjoyed at The Mousehole tea rooms was served with clotted cream...must find some at home. I would love their scone recipe, 100 percent perfect scones.
To date we have seen The Mousetrap, eaten at The Mousehole and in the Wells Cathedral the church cat brought us the church mouse, literally, and then they proceeded to play Cat and Mouse before us in the church grounds! Erik will find it amusing...we won't show Ally those Pictures! I feel like we are getting a bit of a theme happening.
Since we picked up our Audi 5 yesterday we have clocked up 300 miles. We walked into the city centre tonight for dinner, about 35 mins each way. We discovered lane ways and pockets of cottage housing, terraced housing on the main road with about 1 metre frontages and then freestanding homes overlooking lush green meadows. The back wall of one house lined the main road's kerb with about a foot to spare. According to Rob it was not really wide enough to use as a footpath (although to Rob's amazement I did just that and in discussion later he said he was trying to work out how to tell mum I'd been run over when I fell off the kerb into oncoming traffic).
Our B&B is ever so lovely. Run by Liz and Peter, we have a really large room with beautiful view, birds singing in the trees and home cooked breakfast all for the asking (and pmt at the end haha), bathroom cleaned while we were out ... the whole place has a lovely feel and lots of privacy, with friendly encounters when you do meet up with someone else.
I've spoken with Jenny on the phone and we have sent a number of texts. It will be lovely to catch up with her and Kieron on Saturday.
Tomorrow we conquer Stonehenge and Salisbury for a start. Rob has the route mapped out ...no laneways or roads without a number (A30, M4...) included!

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The Road out of Town

all seasons in one day
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The road out of town started this morning when we left London for Winchester. Along the way we saw more shades of green than we'd dream of at home and fields of Rapeseed. The weather has ranged all day from teaming rain, wind gusts and beautiful sunshine in between. We have meandered in drizzle but managed to stay dry. The A4 was wet, between Maidenhead and Princes Risborough the roads were framed with green archways and rolling green meadows and hills and odd little village names such as Bryant Bottom, Great Kimble, Little Worth.... We arrived at The Flowerdews B&B early so visited the town; The Winchester Great Hall, The Cathedral, rambly streets, statue of Alfred the Great. We saw King Arthur's table mounted in the Great Hall and the Military Barracks for the Gurkhas and Royal Green Jackets.
Tonight we will stroll into town for a meal and return for our first night in the Rose Room....

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Too much, too little

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There is a wealth of inpiration, history and people to comment on. Already each day i am remembering things i forgot to include in our blog the day before...I am trusting it is brain overload not a sign of impending memory failure. Only being married to a Wardrop would result in a girl travelling to Knightsbridge and not setting foot in a shop! The fact we were on the top level of a London bus meant I was unable to even accidently slide through the door of Harrods ... sorry to all female shoppers...I let the team down. However as is the case every day here its a matter of too much to see and too little time. Prioritising lead us to The Victoria and Albert museum, The Albert Hall, The Natural History Museum, Queens Gate and to pass by Hyde Pk. We ate lunch in the coffee shop at The Albert Hall and shared a table with some lovely people who were attending a Church Conference. The conference was called Alpha and its aim is for all christians and churches to have a sense of unity. We enjoyed their company, stories and friendliness over lunch.
We then headed for The Mousetrap...my first live play at West End. Another 'must do' crossed off the bucket list ☺. The audience were sworn to secrecy at the end not to divulge 'who did it'. It has been running for 63 years so I guess there may be the odd person in the world who has not seen it yet! I WILL keep the secret.
Sadly our London time is over but no doubt what is ahead will be as wonderful. I will however, make up the girl shopping with Jenny later in the trip. Mum and Ally won't let me back into Aust without some special purchases.
I will add at this point Rob passed a bk store and did not enter... to avoid temptation to buy ..... Such self control for us both!
So now .... out of the city.... the open roads await.

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London churches

Churches, Sean and Selfies

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We set off armed with a new book of historical church sites, the best tour guide London has to offer me and we hit the streets in search of perfect steeples, spires, ruins and history. Again we found hidden treasures in lane ways, behind other buildings but of course at the end of Fleet St stood St Paul' s. No photo will show its enormous presence.
We have inherited Kirsty's loathing for selfies resulting from the number of people and couples who make every photo opportunity about them. We've stuck to photographing architecture, landscapes, landmarks and 'BORING THINGS ' like that! The only other more popular photo opportunity was Sean the Sheep in die-cast in Leicester square. Everone had a shot with him??? Mmm
We met up with Ally Wardrop for a wonderful catch up drink and dinner. She's spreading her wings to follow a dream...good on her!!!
Southbank, with 57 million people amid a festival swallowed us up at one point, until we escaped the claustrophobic herd and headed For the bells at Westminster. Rob had trouble coping with people having to stop walking mid stream to listen to the peeling......no appreciation for sound 😐
Exhausted after getting up at 5am ( I had been informed it was 6 until i was in the shower ) and then on the move until 9:30 pm i was nodding off on the underground train as we returned home...a little boy kept using his fingers on his own face to indicate to me I had to open my eyes. For a brief second with the only energy i could muster up..i smiled and closed my eyes again.
We crashed into bed after wishing Gav and Ness a happy birthday so it would be in their message inbox when they got up and the slept like babies. Whilst yesterday was sunny for the most part, we have woken to another cloudy drizzly day, my wateroroof is my new fashion now.
Sign board read yesterday "the cup does not matter it's the quality of the coffee that counts". For a brief moment i missed work...well the coffee machine at least.
My tour guide awaits so i had best get myself moving....talk later DnR

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Pussy cat Pussy cat

all seasons in one day
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Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been? I've been to London to visit the Queen's baby announcement board, seen her horses and some of the horsemen....outside the palace...👑
We could not blog last night...too tired from gallavanting around looking at... a circus, a square, dicovering a long forgotten welsh church, travelling the underground, coffee at costas and spending eye time art at the gallery. IF we had a fitbit it would have exploded!
Lessons learned...carry LESS MUCH LESS in backpack Denise, beware of dickie knee, getting on the underground on one train does not mean thats the one you'll get off at your destination as it may stop half way ....which means next train is Sardine- full ..on a Sunday. After 20 yrs London has not changed much, thinks Rob.
Saying tor the day: Mind the gap!!!
The Mousetrap awaits us on Tuesday at West End.
Now off to explore more today and meet up with Ally Wardrop...not Ally Reynolds so Rob can create a new 'local'. Cheerio for now xxx DnR

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