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The Bells

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The Bells

Hi, OMG youre awake! How's it going? How are the cats? Have you seen Jens? So everything's alright then! Rob's 'get down to facts' conversation with Erik....
Hello are you enjoying Bach-ing, what have you been up to? Have you had some friends over for company? We appreciate your help with looking after the house and cats for us, we love you.....Denise's fluffy conversation with Erik - check in with home at 7:45 York, 14:45 Perth time today...both outcomes resulted in positive replies so all is good there.
The streets of York, though relatively people free when we set out on foot today, were echoing with the beautiful music of church bells that seemed to ring for about 20 minutes to welcome us to Sunday morning.
We went to the Museum gardens and then came across the ruins of St Leonards hospital and part of the old Roman wall, still intact. Back towards the garden we spied a lone grey squirrel scurrying up the ferns main stem and down a frond. We walked to the gardens of the York Museum and the St Mary's Abbey Ruins.
We then crossed the River Ouse and ascended another part of the wall near the War memorial Gardens. We walked along thr wals, past the raileay station, the Micklegate and the Victoria Bar and Baille Hill to the Bishop Gate. We then recrossed the river on thr Skeldergate Bridge, past Cliffords Tower and climbed thr last part if the wall at Fishergate Bar. This part of the wall overlooks the council housing area- who also has clean windows Denise observed!!!
At the end of the last stretch of wall was The Red Tower.
Our plan was to then descend the wall and visit The National Centre for Early Music. To Rob's horror it was the National Centre for Early Music. Instead of the joy of seeing early Elizabethan instruments and all things musical, the foyer was filling rapidly with children obviously excitedly coming to perform. Those of us who know Rob can only imagine the speed with which we left said building and ran away toward the safety of the city centre.
If that pain was not enough to bear Denise then insisted o n looking at The Newgate Market and The Shambles....all full of trinkets! We saved our money there and spent 80p to "spend a penny".
We returned to Molly's for elevenses and received a 10% discount voucher on entry which would have paid for the toilet, but because the staff are so lovely, Denise put the change into the 'thank you' bowl....don't tell Rob!!! It took us over an hour to leave the antique store that Molly's is situated in and happily Denise left with a new UK Post box charm for her bracelet
Off to The Treasurer's House! Our second National Trust Site...so free entry and free ghost talk tour. The cellar is at cellar Roman road level, approximately 18 feet under the current road. Whilst the Trust Tour guide appeared to hold the memory of Frank Green, who donated the house and furniture, in high regard, we suspect his unmarried status may be as a result of chronic OCD regarding the cleanliness of the home combined his love of frilly shirts and floppy bow ties.
The hand made quilt in the bedroom where Prince Of Wales slept (future Edward VII) was quite unique. The guide explained the story of the quilt made in 1600s and it just begged to be photographed.
The pendulum on the 1600 clock that was 18 ft long, had to go through the floor to the lower level to swing. The pendulum was retrofitted 70 yrs later to give accuracy to the time piece which was engraved brass. The clock graced us with its chime as we stood and looked in awe at it.
One of the guides recommended a visit to the Undercroft at York Minster....so off we went. It was not a disapointment! Displayed is the history of the restoration of The Minster and the ultimate discovery of the life and times on that site, before The Minster was constructed and modified multiple times between 1100 and today. Underneath the Norman Church was an Anglo Saxon Church and underneath that was the headquarters of the Roman Garrison, which is what archeologists always suspected but could not prove until the time of the restoration.
We could not see the whole of The Minster because of Evensong but we were privy to the organ being played and the choir as we gazed at the colourful windows, ornate ceilings and floors and the Astrological Clock that caught Rob's eye.
Then there was the Chapter House! No words can describe this, it is a must see to believe experience.
We dined in Lower Petersgate at a restaurant with REAL coffee.......aagh yeah. This was the restaurant that didn't name Rob as 'Mr Wirdip' -OK that one is a first.
Back in the real world we await the news of the birth of Am's twins, hoping all is well and sadly sent condolences to someone else we know who has just lost his wife to cancer. We have received some happy fedback from Ally and Kirsty about our blog, which is nice to know others are enjoying our trip also from afar.
Thank you York for the beautiful bells, rich history and glorious antique shops full of quality pieces to look over.
Freddy, our GPS (now so named), is programmed for Penrith for the morning. He will hopefully guide us through interesting points of interest, The Yorkshire Dales and another National Trust site en route. Four days left in England then crossing over to Scotland.
Night night everyone, take care........DnR

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Climbing the Walls

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We are now staying in a street of clean windows! I've never seen a street where everyone's windows are so crystal clean. Mum would be impressed!
Our journey from Whitehorn, Congleton to No. 34 (Bootham Cres, York) lasted from 8:35 until 10:30. The GPS, Rob and I seem to have overcome our teething problems and journeys are becoming smoother, thanks to Rob's impecable planning.
The main township of Shrewsbury was surrounded by a river but York is surrounded by a wall built by the Romans in 71AD. The walk around the top of the wall stretches for approx 1.7 miles and offers views of Deans Park, York Minster (presently having major exterior wall restoraton) and Holy Trinity Church to name a few. The River Oust runs through the town, enabling charter boats to ferry sightseers around, whilst the city Sightseeing Tour buses meet the needs of land tourists. Those of us doing it on foot are discovering the streets and sights are all condensed into a very easy to walk area.
We met about 4 or 5 families of geese in the park today. Large numbers of goslings were with their parents, behaving like seagulls. The youngsters were hacking into each other, all over a piece of bread! Daddy gosling wasn't keen on having his photograph taken, and even less keen on the black cocker spaniel wanting to join his family group. Much hissing was being made.
Being a people watcher, I have not been able to help myself from comparing locals for the areas we have travelled through to date. The locals in York appear to have a very eclectic wardrobe, short legs, and everyone looks chilly. The sun was out and whilst the wind was brisk, most people wore large closed in coats, scarves, hats etc to block the chill. They love to talk and just keep keeping on. Molly, who served Rob his apple pie today said it is quiet in town on Sunday mornings. Rob enquired if it was due to morning services, she thought it more likely they would be recovering from the night before! The gentleman waving in the breeze outside pub at 6:00 tonight, oblivious to the fact his fly unbuttoned made her proposal seem most likely. Many were heading out for a night in town as we were heading back to No.34.
The antique stores have a wonderful variety of wares and Mr Rob was delighted to purchase a signed copy of R.100 today.
Yorvik was a must see for many of us in York today. The modern carriage, took you through a guided tour of Yorvik life 1000 yrs ago. It has been created from archeological digs, revealing the ancient city. Can honestly say I was not sold on the smell of their home cooked stew aroma at one display of an historical home. Not sure where they plugged in the hairdryer, washing machine and dishwasher...may prefer mod cons myself!
Happily our cameras have clicked away this afternoon capturing towers, walls, brickwork, doorways, shop fronts and other delights.
After much deliberation we entered 'Wackers' for dinner. It claims to have York's best chips. Not sure about that however, crispier batter for fish would be harder to find, and yorkshire puds come in jumbo,enormous dinner plate size!

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Over and Under

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We went over some peaks under some bridges over a railway line and under a canal, down dales and through gorges, felt teensy at the cavern entrance and walked through a 500 yr old home. Not bad for a days outing.
We became members of The National Trust, for a fee of course. With our love of oldness we now have entry to so many places through the UK and a guide book to find them all en route as we skip from place to place.
Travelling from Watery Lane, Astbury we had elevenses at the thirtyish overlooking Shutlingsloe ( Peak ) awesome. The roads are windy steep and narrow but passing many bike riders I thought I should tell Robbie Barnetson I have found the perfect place for his next bike ride! I, however will stick to drinking coffee at Peak Tops Coffee House and photographing the views on the drive through.
We passed through Buxton, Millers Dale (under an incrediible iron railway bridge), Tideswell (visiting shops and church grounds) as we motored toward Castleton. Castleton, a little town home to Peveril Castle and Peak Cavern. Approaching the cavern entrance is very overpowering. The colourful rock formation towering over human forms showed wet streaks where the stream appears to originate from. The sound of the stream trickling past was a peaceful contrast to the heightened emotional reaction to the walls of rock surrounding it.
We visited the Little Moreton Hall on our way back to Whitehorn Farm B&B. Look it up for pictures....amazing!!!! It is 500 yrs old, all hand made, not a level piece of wood in the entire structure, but the character is beyond compare. Attendants were in period dress, demonstrating foods and preparation methods of the time. The furniture displayed varied from four poster beds, wooden children's cots, a dining table that must have been about 5 meters long, hand embroidered cushions in the chapel....stairwells winding narrowly up and a 100% authentic drop toilet, with the hole in the wall for fresh air to blow through. I managed to photograph the drop hole, apprehensive about dropping my camera down ' the loo'. The sculptured gardens and fields of sheep surrrounding the home were a delight to walk around.
We walked to The Horseshoe Inn for dinner tonight, about a 35 min walk each way down Watery Lane. It was here we walked under the canal and over the railway line, also over a stream and photographed cows heading for home and bed in a line through the paddocks. Obviously we chose the popular local as Jo and her husband were there also, they run Whitehorns. The staff made room for us to eat despite being busy on a Friday night, and seemed really pleased we enjoyed my BBQ Ribs and Robs mixed grill ..with select veg!
So tomorrow, we pack up our fresh laundry (we dropped it this morning and picked it up done and ready to go this afternoon-nice! ) and we set off for York.
Despite all this wonderfulness we do travel with some clouds of concern for people we love at home. Ally is having a hard time at present, so I miss being there for her, including her birthday. A dear friend of mine who is expecting twins has been admitted to hospital, her bubbies will be born early so my heart goes out to her too. Both tough ladies doing it tough.....love you both.

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Top of the Peaks

overcast 10 °F
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The wind is cold and blows right through you! The more north we go the cooler it's becoming and today was the first time my fingers and nose tip sung out... I did discover the joy of heated car seats..very nice when ones a bit chilly.
Reluctantly we drove away from our once in a lifetime experience of The Hussey Suite, No1 room at The Albright Hussey Manor, following our warming breakfast in the dining room. The same waitress who attended to us last night met us for breakfast and once again attended to our every desire. Every request, delivery of food, checkin with our needs resulted in her thanking us.
The winding roads through The Peak District provided many photographic opportunities. The countyside ranged from lush green to barren-like heather fields at the top. Each bend in the road offered another unique view to take our breath away. When we stopped, beyond the railings and hedges lining the trees were rivers, streams, waterfalls and various livestock munching happily, oblivious to the traffic.
Today we drove from Albrighton, through Market Drayton, skirted around Stoke on Trent and ended up in Ashbourne on the river Dove. From there we went north, through Fenny Bentley, Alsop en le Dale, climbing up to Newhaven where we hung a right to Grange Mill and then a left to Bakewell on the river Wye. After bread and butter pudding and custard we ambled up to B6001 with its sheep, its peaks, its mossy walls and Icelandic looking hillsides to Hathersage on the river Derwent. We followed part of the river Derwent to the reservoir and continued through the snake pass and the High Peak and down into Glossop. From there we travelled uphill again to Chapel en le Firth and down to Buxton and from there meandered our way down to Congeton. We arrived at Whitehorn B&B at approx 4:30. To date we have driven in excess of 760 miles, not including our days in Cheltenham, Cotswolds and Tewksbury, when Kieron was our chauffeur.
The local bar tender tonight at The Edgerton was the latest person to comment on my 'accent' despite me being told at home I sound English. As we ate Pub Nosh, as Rob puts it, we gazed across the table at each other with a grin of disbelief as the playlist included all things 70s Elvis, Status Quo, Abba, Queen....the list went on.
Much to Rob's horror we have continued to have fine weather for the most part. We had drizzly rain for some if the time in London and Winchester but only clouds since then during the days. Light drizzle fell as we left Hussey Manor dry thereafter.

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OMG Extra special entry required. ..

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Oh my goodness gracious me.....there are no words to describe the meal we were served and carefully consumed, savouring every morsel that entered our mouths. Our eyes looked longingly at each other over the table ..... and they spoke to each other .... this food is beyond belief. I hereby resign from cooking, clearly what I cook is not worth the effort of preparing nor does it sparkle any taste buds as this did. Fine dining has just reached the ultimate level. It took until tonight, at 52 to appreciate this!

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